Delores (Dee Dee) Jackson’s Murder First Family Tradegy

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With the passing of Michael Jackson this year, it brings back memories of other tragedies felt by the Jackson family. The murder of Delores (Dee Dee) Jackson in 1994 was the first time the family had to rally together to support each other.

It was not that long ago that MJ’s family came together to mourn the passing of the death of another. Delores (Dee Dee) Jackson, ex-wife of Tito and mother of 3 sons, now known as 3T, was found murdered.

Los Angeles businessman Donald Bohana was convicted to 15 years to life for the 1994 murder of Delores Jackson, former wife of Tito Jackson.

Bohana, 60, had told police that Ms. Jackson, known as Dee Dee, accidentally drowned in the pool of his home in the upscale Ladera Heights section of Los Angeles. He pleaded not guilty when arraigned in L.A. Superior Court.

The three children of Dee Dee filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Bohana in 1995. The coroner’s report indicated that Ms. Jackson died as a result of “asphyxia due to drowning, alcohol intake and blunt force traumatic injuries.” Ms. Jackson had been dating Bohana about a month when the incident occurred.

Initially, the death was ruled accidental. However, late in 1994 the District Attorney’s office reopened the case.

It was reported that Bohana was a businessman who had debts that totaled more than $4 million. In the wrongful death suit filed by Ms. Jackson’s three children–Tariano, 22, Taryll, 20 and Tito Joe, 17–they alleged Bohana was upset because Dee Dee would not help bail him out of his financial difficulties. The suit stated that he beat and held her underwater until she died.

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3 Responses to “Delores (Dee Dee) Jackson’s Murder First Family Tradegy”
  1. Nenitamg says:

    not to forget the overcomes a tragic loss! I lost my mother a victim of a driver irresponsavel.Your lives will never be the same, so God give us strength!

  2. Nenitamg says:

    Great journalistic work , treating all subjects with the greatest respect and competence as Michael and his family deserve.Thanks !

  3. admin says:

    Thanks you so much for your comments above. Losing a mother is unbelievable but to the hands of someone so careless is heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

    I also would like to thank you for your kind words regarding how we reported this story. Many do not understand the hours that go into creating and maintaining our 5 sites all linked on each magazine as well as our social networking sites associated with each magazine. Your kind words above and the fact that you have taken the time to comment directly on our site cannot be understated.

    Take care and again thanks and take care.

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